iClinicalStation™ - MedSci Healthcare


Customized optimization for post-marketing study and real-world study
  • Support for arbitrary visits and combination nesting of forms
  • Additional visits and forms can be triggered automatically by logic check, or manually
  • Support vertical structure, multi-record multiple forms, ensure data standardization, and shorten data processing time
Support for coding and data standards
  • Automatic coding of standard terms filled out by researchers to improve data quality and processing efficiency
  • Embedded medical terminology dictionary MedDRA, WHODrug, WHOArt, ICD10
Artificial intelligence assisted data management
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) assisted image recognition
  • Risk-based monitoring base AI
Strong logic check
  • Adapting to complex clinical trials involves more visits, more inspections, longer cycles, and more, helping to clean up data more quickly. Avoid problem lag, reduce manual verification and labor costs, and improve efficiency and quality.
  • Visual logic check configuration
  • How much 40+ logic check package function
  • Any custom logic verification programming that supports easier operation
Smart Patient Follow-up / PRO Module
  • Provide follow-up and PRO templates based on disease characteristics
  • Patient sensitivity information desensitization
  • Data security compliance


iClinicalStation™ 临床研究工作站


  • 灵活

  • 灵活设计,为RWE和PMS优化
  • 轻松应对版本更新和数据迁移
  • 多环境兼容
  • 高效

  • 快速部署、高效建库
  • 华为云保障安全与稳定
  • 数据快速导入
  • 定制数据库模板应用
  • 智能

  • 拍照录入后人工智能识别和结构化
  • 智能医学编码,支持MedDRA、WHODrug
  • 药物警戒、合并用药辅助质疑
  • 智能逻辑核查
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