MVisitor+™ - MedSci Healthcare


Increasing access to healthcare professionals (HCPs) leads to stronger, more frequent key messaging, and improved market share. 

At MedSci Healthcare, our sales solutions have been proven to increase market share and ROI, time and time again. With expertise in white space areas, we know what it takes to bridge gaps with cost effective sales solutions.  

An inside sales representative (ISR) is an innovative, powerful addition to a modern salesforce whether serving in a complementary capacity or on their own.

ISRs are specifically trained through our customized engagement model that can address diverse challenges across a brand’s lifecycle. ISRs are able to execute in-depth strategies targeting HCPs (40 calls per day/ISR).

Customized content
  • 70 medical doctors produce high quality medical content
  • More than ten years of medical professional services experience
  • Medical portals accumulate a large amount of professional content
Remote Center
  • More than 10 years of experience in professional medical call centers
  • Strict privacy protection
  • Quality management experience and compliance management
HCP targeted communication based on We Chat
  • Communication record tracking
  • Realtime communcation 
  • Track target doctors' digital traces

Engage marketing base on AI
  • Communication information shared with medical representatives
  • Reply to the doctor's feedback in time
  • Respond promptly to doctor's questions






SCRM fit in the era of Mobile Social

One window communicates multiple wechat at the same time

Centralized conversation and refined HCPs management

Flexible customer allocation

360 degree data analysis





Perfect risk control to ensure compliance

Remoter Center Representative chat supervision

Sensitive operation behavior monitoring

Risk warning

Chat and communication data storage for audit

HCPs privacy data protection





Data security

ISO27001 and ISO20000 certification

HCPs chat records and user portrait data are stored and backed up in the cloud permanently, and can be destroyed with one click

Huawei cloud ensures data security and availability





Intelligent assistance

Cooperate with iprofiler to provide accurate HCPs data and portraits for marketing

Chatbot automatic conversation

Push customized professional content according to different doctor portraits

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