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Innovative digital marketing Social CRM adapts to physician behavioral habits.


iProfiler HCPs profiling

Accurate profiling for more than 2 million physicians including clinical expertise, academic background, activities and behaviors.


Call Center

More than decades of medical professional call center services and a staff of more than 100 call center specialists who meet pharmaceutical compliance standards


The HCA is run by its members for its members. We are proud of the work that we undertake on behalf of our membership and work hard to forge closer working relationships with other industry and NHS groups as well as the ABPI.

Focus on Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team provides our customers with independent and overall services throughout the product life cycle.
What makes us different is our staff: high-quality medical team, production of high-quality medical professional content; experienced digital creative team, to provide customers with unique digital creativity.


Adapt to the changes of China's healthcare industry policies

China's pharmaceutical industry is facing rapid changes in industrial policies.
On the whole, the complianced, specialized and evidence-based pharmaceutical marketing model is the mainstream marketing model in the future.


We provide different digital marketing solutions for drugs / devices in different life cycles to ensure effectiveness and compliance:

  • New Drugs:manage KOLs, obtain HEOR evidence and enter NRDL
  • Chronic Drugs: patient management, extended DOT
  • Special medicine and rare disease Drugs: expand to board market

Therapeutic Areas

  •   Cardiovascular
  •   Oncology
  •   Gastroenterology
  •   Endocrine and Metabolic
  •   CNS Neurology
  •   Ophthalmology
  •   Respiratory


  • TOP20 Multinational Pharmaceuticals
  • Leading Local Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices and Biotechnologies Companies


  •   Online / Tele HCPs recruitment
  •   HCPs opinions / survey
  •   Medical / Products info delivery
  •   Patient Education / Managment
  •   Generic / TCM / Brand
  •   Quality management / Compliance
  •   Tele / WeChat / App / email
  •   CPM

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