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Innovative digital marketing Social CRM adapts to physician behavioral habits.


iProfiler HCPs profiling

Accurate profiling for more than 2 million physicians including clinical expertise, academic background, activities and behaviors.


Call Center

More than decades of medical professional call center services and a staff of more than 100 call center specialists who meet pharmaceutical compliance standards


爱德华医疗 Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences 是心瓣膜学科和血液动力学监测的全球领先者。 公司满怀帮助病人之热望,与临床医生合作开发结构性心脏病和重症监护领域的创新性技术,从而帮助他们挽救生命并提高生命品质。

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Date 18 March 2014 Categories Animation HTML5 Clean Design Author M.A Anderson

Therapeutic Areas

  •   Cardiovascular
  •   Oncology
  •   Gastroenterology
  •   Endocrine and Metabolic
  •   CNS Neurology
  •   Ophthalmology
  •   Respiratory


  • TOP20 Multinational Pharmaceuticals
  • Leading Local Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices and Biotechnologies Companies


  •   Online / Tele HCPs recruitment
  •   HCPs opinions / survey
  •   Medical / Products info delivery
  •   Patient Education / Managment
  •   Generic / TCM / Brand
  •   Quality management / Compliance
  •   Tele / WeChat / App / email
  •   CPM

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